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When we started Chrome Dev Summit (CDS) in 2013, our goal was to connect directly with the web community. Each year I've looked forward to meeting with developers, learning what they were working on, and hearing their needs. As we weren't able to meet in-person for the last two years, our online CDS events were the best way for us to connect through AMAs, workshops, office hours and more.

Each year, we plan our engagements based on the state of the ecosystem to ensure we are addressing developers' needs as best we can. This year, instead of hosting CDS and asking you to come to us, we're meeting you where you are in your region, at your favorite conferences and events, and on various online forums such as Twitter Spaces. Check out the list of events where you'll find the Chrome team and bookmark this page to get the latest updates.

I'm so excited to get back into the community and we look forward to connecting with you at a virtual event, GDG DevFest,, or another summit near you!

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