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From Chrome 114 there will less time between the branch for a release and release to stable.

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Starting with Chrome 114, the Chrome team is reducing the time between the branch for a release, and the actual release to stable. The aim is to shorten the time it takes to launch, and reduce merges.

This will not change the release date for Chrome stable or early stable. It will, however, align the beta release date across platforms. Before Chrome 114, the iOS release went to beta a week before the Desktop and Android releases.

The following table shows how this change affects the 114 release.

StageChrome 114 (Old)Chrome 114 (Revised)
Feature FreezeThu, Apr 6Tue, Apr 11
BranchThu, Apr 20Tue, Apr 25
Beta PromotionThu, May 4Wed, May 3
Beta Promotion (iOS)Wed, Apr 26Wed, May 3
Stable CutTue, May 23Tue, May 23
Stable Cut (iOS)Tue, May 16Tue, May 23
Early Stable ReleaseWed, May 24Wed, May 24
Stable ReleaseTue, May 30Tue, May 30

Note that Chrome 115 stable will be delayed for two weeks to accommodate the July release freeze, all dates after this have been adjusted to account for the two week delay.

You can keep track of upcoming releases on the Chrome Status Roadmap, and see the schedule in detail on the Chromium Dashboard. We publish a post on this site for each beta release, so you can keep track of upcoming changes to Chrome.

Hero image by Caleb George.

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