Participate in a Federated Credential Management API origin trial for IdPs

A Web Platform API that allows users to login to websites with their federated accounts in a privacy preserving manner.

Eiji Kitamura

Eiji Kitamura

User-Agent Reduction deprecation trial

Starting from Chrome 101, the information available in the User-Agent string will be reduced. Sites that haven’t had time to migrate away from using the reduced User-Agent string can take part in a deprecation trial to continue receiving the full User-Agent string.

Ali Beyad Victor Tan

Ali Beyad, Victor Tan

User-Agent Reduction origin trial

Starting in Chrome 95 Beta, an origin trial allows sites to opt into receiving the reduced user agent string, which will contain only the browser's brand and significant version, its desktop or mobile distinction, and the platform it's running on.

Ari Chivukula Ali Beyad

Ari Chivukula, Ali Beyad

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