The Chromium Chronicle #6: Monorail's Grid View

Episode 6: by Tiffany in San Francisco, CA (September, 2019)
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Chrome's issue tracker, Monorail, offers a grid view that allows you to visualize your issues in a Kanban style board. When you're viewing a list of issues, you can click the "Grid" button to activate grid mode!

While on the grid page, you can customize your view to sort issues by almost any field you want! Status, Priority, NextAction, Milestone, Owner, you name it!

The flexibility of the grid view allows you to customize it to fit your team's needs. For example, below we've set up the grid view to show all pending Q3 Monorail work, sorted by owner and sprint date.

If you need more information on each issue, you can view the grid view with "Tile" cells instead. And if you want a bird's eye view of many, many issues, you can view issues in the grid view as counts. In fact, the grid view even supports loading up to 6,000 issues at once.

All setting changes in the grid view are reflected in the page URL. So once you've configured your grid to your needs, you can share a link to your new view with your team. If you want, you could even use the grid view for your weekly team status meetings.

As you use Monorail's grid view, please file feedback! We'd love to hear your suggestions on how we can make the grid view better.

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