ChromeDriver Canary has the latest new ChromeDriver features. New binaries are built and made available multiple times a day.

Be forewarned: it's designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely.

Starting with M115 the latest Chrome + ChromeDriver releases per release channel, including Canary, are available at the Chrome for Testing availability dashboard. For automated version downloading one can use the convenient JSON endpoints.

For older versions, you can find the canary builds at the following URLs:

Linux (64-bit):

Mac OS X (64-bit):

Mac ARM (64-bit):

Windows (32-bit):

It is generally a good idea to pick the latest build. In each of those folders, there is a file named LAST_CHANGE, that you can use to find the latest build number. Please go to one of the above URLs, depending on your system architecture, and type LAST_CHANGE in the filter box near the top. It may take the site some time to locate the file (up to a minute). When the LAST_CHANGE file link shows up, click on it to download the file, and find a build number inside it. Then type that build number into the filter box, and click on the folder link that shows up below.

Please note that the links above only provide ChromeDriver built on Feb 21, 2019 or later.