DevTools Tips: Debugging PWA

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web apps built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device, all with a single codebase.

Watch the video to learn how to debug these apps with Chrome DevTools.

With DevTools, you can:

  • Inspect your app's manifest file that makes your app installable. For example:
    • Check icons for different platforms.
    • Catch errors.
    • Configure a richer installation UI with description and screenshots.
  • Test service workers that act as proxies between your app and the network. For example:
    • Check worker registration.
    • Check worker versioning and activity.
    • Update worker version on reload.
    • Debug network connectivity by emulating offline mode or bypassing workers.
    • Test network messages.

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