Private Network Access update: Announce extension of the Deprecation Trial

Yifan Luo
Yifan Luo

Feedback from websites currently participating in the Private Network Access from non-secure contexts deprecation trial has emphasized the difficulty in migrating affected websites to HTTPS. As a result, the trial is extended until Chrome 113 inclusive. Chrome 114, the first milestone without support for the trial, will roll out to Beta in early May 2023 and Stable in the end of May 2023.

A permission prompt will be built to allow mix-content requests from HTTPs public websites to plaintext private devices. For more information, please check the feature explainer for an overview and the developer walks through document to see developers' possible approaches need to achieve. We will put out a blog post with more details in the future once it is ready.

For further information, please see Private Network Access update: Introducing a deprecation trial.

If you host a website within a private network that expects requests from public networks, we are interested in your feedback and use cases. Let us know by filing an issue with Chromium at and set the component to Blink>SecurityFeature>CORS>PrivateNetworkAccess or open an issue in the Private Network Access WICG specification Github repository.

Thank you for helping us make the web safer!