WebGL demo roundup

Ilmari Heikkinen
Developers keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible to do in the browser. Here are some awesome new WebGL demos from around the web to showcase what your browser can really do. First off, have a gander at this impressive three.js dynamic terrain rendering demo from AlteredQualia. The second demo is Nouvelle Vague from the French web design agency Ultranoir, and it shows a very particular way to read tweets. Mr.doob comes back with another three.js demo, this time using data captured by a Kinect. Also using three.js is One Millionth Tower, a documentary funded by the Canadian National Film Board. And last, these guys got WebGL running on an iPad 2 through a WebView hack.

In other news, the Google Data Arts Team launched a workshop page to share the technology they've used to build some amazing demos. The page has a great tutorial on using dat.GUI, go check it out!