Distributing Products Built for Chrome

On Chrome, you can build and distribute the following kinds of products:

Websites With just an extra bit of metadata, you can integrate your website into the Chrome browser, making your content more accessible to users.
Extensions Extensions are small browser add-ons that add new and useful features to Chrome.
Chrome Apps Chrome apps are designed specifically for Chrome and only work in the Chrome browser. They allow you to take advantage of cutting-edge technology that is not available to traditional websites.

Important: Chrome will be removing support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome OS will continue to support Chrome Apps. Read the announcement and learn more about migrating your app.

Themes Themes change the way the Chrome browser looks, adding style to your users’ browsing experience.

Distribution Options

While the Chrome Web Store is the primary hub for distributing Chrome products, several other distribution options are available.

Chrome Web Store The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where users can browse for Chrome-integrated websites, Chrome apps, extensions, and themes. The store helps users find, purchase, and install your content in the Chrome browser.

Note: Chrome supports Native Client (NaCl) and Portable Native Client (PNaCl) technologies. Products using NaCl must be distributed through the Chrome Web Store.

External Installation In certain cases, you might want your product to be installed automatically. External installation allows you to do this.
Mobile For mobile users, you can easily convert your products into native apps for Android and iOS using Apache Cordova.

Monetization Options

The Chrome platform supports a variety of payment systems and monetization models. Chrome Web Store Payments powered by Google Wallet for Digital Goods is especially well-integrated with the store. Alternatively, you are free to choose whichever payment service provider you prefer.

The following table covers a few ways to monetize your product.

Freemium A free trial version of your product that prompts users for payment to unlock advanced features or regain access after a time-limit.
One-time Payment Users buy your product by providing a one-time payment upfront.

Note: This is the only monetization option for themes.

Subscription Users purchase access to your product on a subscription basis.
Custom You are free to implement a custom model that works best for you. For in-app payments, consider using the Chrome Web Store API.

Note: Chrome Web Store payment methods are not available for websites.