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Production-ready service worker libraries and tooling.


Waving hand iconIntroduction service workers

Learn how service workers can progressively enhance your website and how Workbox makes it easy.

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Arrow iconHow to use Workbox

There's more than one way to use Workbox so you can use the right integration for your project

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Graduation capWhat you need to know

Guidance to consider when building a service worker

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Docs folder iconUse cases and recipes

Learn how to handle different use cases to get the most out of workbox

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Workbox Modules

Dig deeper into specific Workbox modules.

API Reference

Browse the API reference to get information on available methods in the Workbox API, broken down by module.

Migration Guides

How-to guides on migrating from older versions of Workbox.

Workbox on GitHub

File issues, read release notes, and browse the source code.

altAdditional resources

Dive deeper into Workbox modules, source code, and more

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