Capabilities, aka. Project Fugu

Learn about the cross-company effort around enabling the most amazing apps on the web.

Fugu fish swarm.What do developers build with Fugu APIs?

See what people have built: browse the Project Fugu API Showcase and read about Photoshop on the web!

Fugu fish swarm.

Powerful APIs

Read up on some of the most powerful APIs that enable new use cases not possible before.

Arduino board and many electronic components.Hardware APIs

Learn about the hardware APIs we work on in the context of Project Fugu that allow you to access physical devices from the web.

Arduino board and many electronic components.

Case studies

Learn how leading developers have used Fugu APIs to build innovative web experiences.

Fugu talk videos

Watch some talks about Project Fugu APIs to get a better understanding of the kind of apps we want to enable.

Additional resources

Other noteworthy links.

Web Platform

Documentation for Web Platform APIs. Some of them are currently in an experimental status in Chrome. For example, origin and developer trials, or features only found in Canary. The current status of each API is detailed in the documentation.

Request a new capability

If you have an idea for a new web capability, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas to improve the web platform.

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