Passkeys are an easier and more secure replacement for passwords, enabling users to sign in to their account by unlocking their device screen.

Are you still using passwords? Passkeys are a new authentication technology that enables creating online accounts and signing in to them simply and securely, using just a fingerprint, face scan, or device PIN.

Learn more about passkeys and make your users' online experiences easier and more secure.

Add passkeys to your web app

Learn how to add the functionality for users to create passkeys in your web app.
Add a passwordless sign-in with passkeys while accommodating existing password users.
Create a simpler, safer sign-in with this step-by-step codelab to implement passkeys in a web app, with form autofill.

Passkeys news

Learn about the latest developements related to passkeys.
Chrome supports passkeys on iCloud Keychain starting in Chrome 118, on macOS 13.5 or later.
Conditional UI leverages browser's form autofill functionality to let users sign in with a passkey seamlessly in the traditional password based flow.
Get insights and UX recommendations from the design team behind passkeys on Google Accounts.
A list of open source libraries that support passkeys integration in different languages on the client and server-side.
Passkeys resources from FIDO allience, an open industry association with a mission to develop and standardize technical specifications that reduce the reliance on passwords to authenticate users.