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After registering your developer account, you can proceed to fill out additional information about your account.

Fill out your account information

To set up your account go to the Account page in the developer dashboard, located on the left menu.

Chrome Web Store account page
Chrome Web Store Account page

Here you can provide your developer profile information, configure management settings and enable email notifications, among other things. The page itself provides instructions; however, there are a few fields worth calling out.

Publisher name (Required)
Appears under the title of each of your extensions. If you are a verified publisher, you can display an official publisher URL instead.
Verify your email (Required)
Only displayed under your extensions' contact information. Any notifications will be sent to your Chrome Web Store developer account email. See Verify your email address for details
Physical address (Required in some circumstances)
Only items that offer functionality to purchase items, additional features, or subscriptions must include a physical address.
Trusted tester accounts (Optional)
A comma-separated list of individuals' email addresses to make your extension available to them for testing.

The Trusted tester accounts field does not support using group email addresses such as those used for posting to Google groups or other forums. If you need to test with a group, do so using the item level visibility setting. Click Items in the menu at left. Scroll to Visibility. Then select Private and Only trusted testers from the current publisher settings.

Verify your email address

Verifying your contact email address is required when you set up a new developer account. When you click Add email on your account page, you can enter an email address and then request verification. The Chrome Web Store then sends a verification link to that address; use that link to verify your address.

Contact email field showing as unverified

Click the Verify email link to send the verification link to your email.

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