Analyze your store listing metrics

Interpreting your Chrome Web Store listing metrics can help you evaluate how changes to your extension and store listing can affect conversion rates. For example, you can identify countries with a high number of visitors so you can prioritize supporting languages for those countries. You can also export all the reports described below as CSV files.

Installs and uninstalls

You can track customer acquisition and churn using these reports: - Track acquisition using the daily install report. - Monitor user churn using the daily uninstalls analytics.

These numbers include new and returning users. You can configure this data by country, language, operating system, or time period using the “filter by” dropdown menus.

daily installs
statistics chart


The impressions metrics track the number of users that discover your extension while searching or browsing the Chrome Web Store. An impression occurs when your extension is featured in any collection or direct visits to your store item.

daily impressions
statistics chart


You can monitor weekly user retention for different groups of users, categorized by country, language, operating system, and item version.

weekly users
statistics chart

Google Analytics

To track store item metrics, you can opt in to Google Analytics 4 by clicking Opt in to Google Analytics under Additional metrics on the Store listing tab. After opting in you will receive an email notification.

The Chrome Web Store manages the account for you and makes the data available in Google Analytics. Chrome Web Store grants you access only to non user-level data. For group publishers, all developers within the group, regardless of their role within the group, are granted access to data for items owned by the group. Where to opt in to Google Analytics

See Using your Google Analytics account with the Chrome Web Store to learn more.