Ignore List

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Settings. Settings > Ignore List lets you configure the list of scripts the debugger ignores.

To enable or disable all ignore listing for the debugger:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. In the Ignore List tab, check or clear Settings. Settings > Checkbox. Enable Ignore Listing. This is the main switch for all ignore-listing capabilities.

The Enable Ignore Listing checkbox.

With ignore-listing enabled, you can further customize the list of scripts to ignore.

Ignore Chrome Extensions scripts

When using the Sources panel of Chrome DevTools to step through code, sometimes you pause on code that you don't recognize. You're probably paused on the code of one of the Chrome Extensions that you've installed.

In Settings. Settings > Ignore List, enable two checkboxes:

  • Checkbox. Enable Ignore Listing
    • Checkbox. Add content scripts to ignore list.

Settings DevTools to ignore extensions code.

Ignore known third-party scripts

To make the debugger skip known third-party scripts, check Settings. Settings > Ignore List > Checkbox. Automatically add known third-party scripts to ignore list.

DevTools adds third-party scripts to the ignore list based on the ignoreList property in source maps. Frameworks and bundlers need to supply this information.

For example, frameworks like Angular and Nuxt support this feature.

Ignore a custom list of scripts

By default, the Debugger ignores scripts from /node_modules/ and /bower_components/. To ignore an additional single script or a custom pattern of scripts:

  1. Check Settings. Settings > Ignore List > Checkbox. Enable Ignore Listing.
  2. In the Custom exclusion rules section, click Add pattern. Adding a custom pattern to the Ignore List.
  3. Specify the script name or a regular expression of script names to ignore.
  4. Click Add to save changes.

Manage a custom list of ignored scripts

To enable or disable ignoring of a specific script or pattern of script names, in Settings. Settings > Ignore List > Custom exclusion rules, check or clear the Checkbox. checkbox next to the script or pattern.

A custom ignore list with a pattern or script names enabled.

To edit or remove a script or a pattern of script names, click Edit. or Delete. buttons that appear on hover.