Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Settings. Settings > Shortcuts lists default shortcuts you can use while focused in DevTools to speed up your workflow.

For a full list of default shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Visual Studio Code shortcut alternatives.

Customize shortcuts

To customize keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. In the Shortcuts tab, hover over any shortcut and click the Edit. Edit button.

    Edit shortcut.

  3. Put the cursor in the text bar and press any convenient combination of keys (chord). DevTools notifies you if the combination is already in use.

    A chord shortcut that is already in use.

  4. Record a new combination and click the Check. Check button.

    Save the new shortcut.

To revert or delete changes, click Back. Back or Delete. Delete.

Add shortcuts to unassigned actions

By default, DevTools doesn't assign shortcuts to all available actions.

For example, to toggle light and dark theme preference with a keystroke, in the Settings. Settings > Shortcuts > Rendering section, set your own shortcut as described in Customize shortcuts.

Toggle light and dark themes with keyboard shortcut.

Restore default shortcuts

To bring back defaults, click Restore default shortcuts in the bottom-right corner of the Settings. Settings > Shortcuts tab.

Restore default shortcuts.