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The Opportunities section of your Lighthouse report lists all offscreen or hidden images in your page along with the potential savings in kibibytes (KiB). Consider lazy-loading these images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower Time to Interactive:

A screenshot of the Lighthouse Defer offscreen images audit

See also Lazy load offscreen images with lazysizes codelab.

Stack-specific guidance


Automatically lazy-load images with amp-img. See the Images guide.


Install a Drupal module that can lazy load images. Such modules provide the ability to defer any offscreen images to improve performance.


Install a lazy-load Joomla plugin that provides the ability to defer any offscreen images, or switch to a template that provides that functionality. Starting with Joomla 4.0, a dedicated lazy-loading plugin can be enabled by using the "Content - Lazy Loading Images" plugin. Also consider using an AMP plugin.


Consider modifying your product and catalog templates to make use of the web platform's lazy loading feature.


Install a lazy-load WordPress plugin that provides the ability to defer any offscreen images, or switch to a theme that provides that functionality. Also consider using the AMP plugin.


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