Web Store API:Items

An Item resource represents a Chrome App, Chrome Extension, Theme or hosted app.

Resource representation


"kind": "chromewebstore#item",
"id": string,
"publicKey": string,
"uploadState": string,
"itemError": [
Property nameValueDescription
idstringUnique ID of the item.
itemError[]listDetail human-readable status of the operation, in English only. Same error messages are displayed when you upload your app to the Chrome Web Store.
kindstringIdentifies this resource as an Item. Value: the fixed string "chromewebstore#item".
publicKeystringPublic key of this item.
uploadStatestringStatus of the operation.

Acceptable values are:


Gets your own Chrome Web Store item. Provide projection="DRAFT" as a URL parameter (case sensitive).
Inserts a new item.
Publishes an item. Add the publishTarget URL parameter to the end of the URL with either publishTarget ="trustedTesters" or publishTarget="default" (case sensitive) as the value.
Updates an existing item.

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