Branding Guidelines

This page sets forth the guidelines for use of Google trademarks that you should follow when naming and describing your extension. Your use of any Google trademarks is always subject to the Google Permissions.

Using the Chrome Web Store badge

You can let others know that your extension or theme is available in the Chrome Web Store by using the "Available in the Chrome Web Store" badge on your site. You do not need pre-approval to use this badge. However, be sure that your use of the badge is consistent with the Chrome Web Store terms of service and these branding guidelines, or we may request that you modify or cease your use of the badge.

As the following images show, the badge has an optional border.

206x58 Chrome Web
       Store badge, no border

206x58 Chrome Web
       Store badge, with border

Right-click any of the following links to download an image file for the badge.

Badge for white backgrounds Badge (with border) for colored backgrounds
small PNG small PNG (with border)
medium PNG medium PNG (with border)
large PNG large PNG (with border)
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator (with border)

If you resize the badge, preserve the ratio of dimensions, and make sure the badge is legible and fully visible.

When using the "Available in the Chrome Web Store" badge in marketing executions or on your site, follow these rules and restrictions:

  • Don't modify the badge in any way, other than resizing.
  • Don't make the badge the primary element on your page.
  • Keep some distance between the badge and other logos and icons on your page.
  • Don't use the badge on a page that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, promotes violence, contains hate speech, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under twenty-one years of age, violates other applicable laws or regulations or is otherwise objectionable.
  • Make sure that clicking the badge always links to your page in the Chrome Web Store, and that your extension or theme is available in the store at all times that you use the badge.

Choosing an extension or developer name

Don't use any Google trademarks or any confusingly similar marks as the name of your extension or company without written permission from Google.

Trademark violation

Trademark violation

Trademark violation

Using Google logos

Don't use Google trademarks or a modified version of a Google trademark as the logo for your extension without written permission from Google.

Google logo violation

Google logo violation

Acceptable logo

Describing your extension

If your product is compatible with a Google product, make reference to that Google product by using the text "for", "for use with", or "compatible with", and be sure to include the ™ symbol with the Google trademark. Example: "for Google Chrome™"

Google compatible product logo

Google compatible product logo

If you are making reference to a Google trademark in combination with your logo, the referencing text should be smaller in size than your logo.

Acceptable Google trademark in logo

Unacceptable Google trademark in logo

Using screenshots

For illustrative or informative purposes, you may use standard, unaltered screenshots of Google services. For further details, check out the Google Permissions page.

Giving proper attribution

Give proper attribution for the use of any Google trademarks in your extension title or in your description. (We publish a list of Google trademarks.)

For example, if your item uses the extension title “Highlight local shops for Google Maps™”, then you should include the attribution shown below in the item description. Note that the ™ symbol is not needed in the attribution since the text itself specifies that the mark (e.g. Google Maps) is a trademark owned by Google.

Google Maps is a trademark of Google LLC. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.