Publishes an item. Provide defined publishTarget in URL (case sensitive): publishTarget = "trustedTesters" or publishTarget = "default".


HTTP request



Parameter nameValueDescription
Path parameters
itemIdstringThe ID of the item to publish.
Optional query parameters
publishTargetstringProvide defined publishTarget in URL (case sensitive): publishTarget="trustedTesters" or publishTarget="default". Defaults to publishTarget="default".

Request body

In the request body, you can optionally supply data with the following structure:


"target": string
Property nameValueDescription
targetstringThe publish target of this publish operation. This is the same as using publishTarget as a URL query parameter. The string value can either be target="trustedTesters" or target="default". The default value, if none is supplied, is target="default". Recommended usage is to use the URL query parameter to specify the value.


This request requires authorization with the following scope.

The above URL is used as the scope parameter when generating an access token. For more details on API authorization and authentication, consult the OAuth 2.0 documentation.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:


"kind": "chromewebstore#item",
"item_id": string,
"status": [
"statusDetail": [
Property nameValueDescription
kindstringStatic string value is always "chromewebstore#item".
item_idstringThe ID of this item.
status[]listThe status code of this publish operation. It may contain multiple elements from the following list: OK, NOT_AUTHORIZED, INVALID_DEVELOPER, DEVELOPER_NO_OWNERSHIP, DEVELOPER_SUSPENDED, ITEM_NOT_FOUND, ITEM_PENDING_REVIEW, ITEM_TAKEN_DOWN, PUBLISHER_SUSPENDED.
statusDetail[]listDetailed human-comprehensible explanation of the status code above.

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