Manifest - Minimum Chrome Version

An optional manifest key containing a string that defines which versions of Chrome are able to install the extension. The value set for this string must be a substring of an existing Chrome browser version string. Use a full version number to specify a specific update to Chrome, or use the first number in the string to specify a particular major version.

  // ...
  "minimum_chrome_version": "126",
  // ...


New Installs

In versions of Chrome older than the minimum version, the Chrome Web Store will show a "Not compatible" message in place of the install button. Users on these versions won't be able to install your extension.

Existing Installs

Existing users of your extension won't receive updates when the minimum_chrome_version is higher than their current browser version. This happens silently so you should exercise caution and consider ways of letting existing users know that they are no longer receiving updates.