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Welcome What's new in Chrome extensions API reference Samples

Known issues when migrating to Manifest V3

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This page lists major known issues that affect developers as they migrate to Manifest V3. Known issues are divided into two primary groups:

  • Capabilities – Features that we plan to add to Manifest V3 to facilitate migration efforts.
  • Bugs – Significant issues with Manifest V3 platform features that are not working as expected.

These lists are a curated subset of items from the Chromium issue tracker. For a complete list of issues, visit the issue tracker and search for items tagged with the Platform>Extensions component.

When a capability is added to the platform or a bug is addressed, it will be removed from this page at roughly the same time the change lands in Chrome's Stable channel. See What's New in Chrome Extensions for a list of recent updates.


This section lists major features that will be added to the Manifest V3 platform in order to aid developers migrating from Manifest V2. Timelines included here are best effort estimates, not hard commitments.

Userscript managers support

Summary: Userscript managers cannot inject scripts that are not included in the extension's package due to platform and policy changes that prevent arbitrary code execution. To address this, the Manifest V3 platform will be expanded to specifically support user-authored scripts and styles.

Estimated timeline: Canary support around October, 2022.

Increased quota for session storage in the Storage API

Summary: When it was introduced, the session storage area had an intentionally conservative maximum quota of 1 MB. We are planning to increase this limit, but have not yet settled on a new value.

Estimated timeline: Targeting Canary support around October, 2022.

Offscreen Documents API

Summary: Offscreen documents are a new capability that will allow Manifest V3 extensions to create a headless page (no user visible window) in order to call DOM APIs that aren't supported in extension service workers. Extensions will be able to use offscreen documents to interact with the clipboard, play audio, parse HTML, and XML documents, and so on.

Estimated timeline: Targeting Canary support around October, 2022.

Tracking issue: 1339382

webRequest.onAuthRequired events

Summary: User-installed Manifest V3 extensions cannot currently intercept webRequest.onAuthRequired events, since the webRequestBlocking permission is restricted to policy-installed extensions. Chrome will provide extensions with a way to supply credentials for authentication requests in Manifest V3.

Estimated timeline: Targeting Canary support around October, 2022.

Tracking issue: 1135492


Sandboxed page CSP can't be customized

Summary: Declaring a custom sandboxed page content security policy in the extension's manifest.json does not override the default content security policy. This prevents extensions from integrating with services that require their scripts or iframes to be remotely loaded.

Estimated timeline: Targeting Canary support before January, 2023.

Tracking issue: 1247690

Service workers are not started in response to webRequest events

Summary: Manifest V3 extensions will only receive Web Request API events for a short time immediately after installation. After the extension service worker is stopped for the first time, events on this API are no longer dispatched as intended. This prevents Manifest V3 extensions from observing network requests.

Estimated timeline: Targeting Canary support before October, 2022.

Tracking issue: 1024211

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