Configure extension icons

An extension requires at least one icon to represent it in the toolbar. Provide icons in PNG format for the best visual results, although any raster format supported by Chrome is accepted. This includes BMP, GIF, ICO, and JPEG.

Ensure your icon follows the extension icon best practices. All icons should be square or they may be distorted. If no icons are supplied, Chrome will add a generic one to the toolbar using the first letter of the extension name.

Include additional icons in the following sizes for uses outside of the toolbar.

Size Use
16x16 Favicon on the extension's pages and context menu icon.
32x32 Windows computers often require this size.
48x48 Displays on the extension management page.
128x128 Displays on installation and in the Chrome Web Store.

Register icons in the manifest under the "icons" key.

 "name": "My Awesome Extension",
 "icons": {
   "16": "extension_icon16.png",
   "32": "extension_icon32.png",
   "48": "extension_icon48.png",
   "128": "extension_icon128.png"