Build a context menu

A context menu appears for the alternate click (frequently called the right click) of a mouse. To build a context menu, first add the "contextMenus" permission to the manifest.json file.


  "permissions": [

Optionally, use the "icons" key if you want to show an icon next to a menu item. In this example, the menu item for the "Global Google Search" extension uses a 16 by 16 icon.

A context menu item with a 16 by 16 icon.
A context menu item with a 16 by 16 icon.

This rest of this example is taken from the Global Google Search context menu sample, which provides multiple context menu options. When an extension contains more than one context menu, Chrome automatically collapses them into a single parent menu as shown here:

A nested context menu.
Figure 4: A context menu and a nested sub menu.

The sample shows this by calling contextMenus.create() in the extension service worker. Sub menu items are imported from the locales.js file. Then runtime.onInstalled iterates over them.


const tldLocales = {
  '': 'Australia',
  '': 'Brazil',

chrome.runtime.onInstalled.addListener(async () => {
  for (let [tld, locale] of Object.entries(tldLocales)) {
      id: tld,
      title: locale,
      type: 'normal',
      contexts: ['selection'],