Welcome What's new in Chrome extensions API reference Samples
Welcome What's new in Chrome extensions API reference Samples

Welcome to Manifest V3

A step in the direction of security, privacy, and performance.

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Manifest V3 is supported generally in Chrome 88 or later. For extension features added in later Chrome versions, see the API reference documentation for support information. If your extension requires a specific API, you can specify a minimum chrome version in the manifest file.

Manifest Version 3 (Manifest V3) is the latest iteration of the Chrome extension platform. This page outlines the changes in Manifest V3 and provides migration resources.

An extension manifest gives the browser information about an extension's capabilities and the files it uses. The features available for extensions to use are defined by the current manifest version. Manifest V3 introduces enhancements to extension security, privacy, and performance, and allows extensions to use open web technologies such as service workers and promises.

The Chrome Web Store no longer accepts new Manifest V2 extensions. Watch the Manifest V2 support timeline for details. We strongly recommend migrating your extensions to Manifest V3 as soon as possible.


Manifest V3 is part of a shift in Chrome's user security and privacy philosophy. The following articles provide an overview of Manifest V3, the reasons for the update, and how to implement it:

Manifest V3 news

For more information and updates on Manifest V3, see What's new in Chrome Extensions and the Chrome Developer Blog.

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