Accepting Payment From Users

If you collect sensitive personal information through your Product for sales, you must follow these requirements:

  1. You must securely collect, store, and transmit all credit card and other sensitive personal information in accordance with privacy and data security laws and payment card industry rules.

  2. You must avoid misleading users. For example, clearly and honestly describe the products or services that you are selling and conspicuously post your terms of sale (including any refund and return policies).

  3. If your Product requires the user to pay to obtain basic functionality, you must make that clear in the description that the user sees when choosing whether to install it.

  4. You must clearly identify that you, not Google, are the seller of the products or services.

  5. Regardless of the method of payment, you may not process payment transactions that are prohibited for Google Checkout under the Google Checkout Seller Terms of Service. This includes any illegal transaction or the sale or exchange of any illegal or prohibited goods or services, including the prohibited products set forth in the Content Policies for Google Checkout.