Deprecated: View Application Cache Data With Chrome DevTools

This guide shows you how to use Chrome DevTools to inspect Application Cache resources.

View Application Cache Data

  1. Click the Sources tab to open the Sources panel. The Manifest pane usually opens by default.

    The Manifest pane

  2. Expand the Application Cache section and click a cache to view its resources.

    The Application Cache pane

Each row of the table represents a cached resource.

The Type column represents the resource's category:

  • Master. The manifest attribute on the resource indicated that this cache is the resource's master.
  • Explicit. This resource was explicitly listed in the manifest.
  • Network. The manifest specified that this resource must come from the network.
  • Fallback. The URL is a fallback for another resource. The URL of the other resource is not listed in DevTools.

At the bottom of the table there are status icons indicating your network connection and the status of the Application Cache. The Application Cache can have the following statuses:

  • IDLE. The cache has no new changes.
  • CHECKING. The manifest is being fetched and checked for updates.
  • DOWNLOADING. Resources are being added to the cache.
  • UPDATEREADY. A new version of the cache is available.
  • OBSOLETE. The cache is being deleted.