What's new overview

Dale St. Marthe
Dale St. Marthe

The What's new panel features highlights from our What's new in DevTools blog series.


With each update to Chrome DevTools, we release a new article in our blog series What's new in DevTools. The What's new panel features some of the more interesting changes from the update. Each change has a short description for your quick reference.

DevTools with What's New panel open

Click any of the titles to open the relevant section in the newest blog in a new tab. The Learn more button at the bottom takes you to the latest article from this series.

The video or graphic to the right of the panel will either play a video or link to the related blog post in the series.

Open the What's new panel

By default, the What's new panel opens automatically after each Chrome update. To turn this off, clear the settings Settings > Preferences > Appearance > check_box_outline_blank Show what's new after each update checkbox.

To manually open the What's new panel:

  1. Open DevTools.
  2. Open the Command menu by pressing:
    • macOS: Command+Shift+P
    • Windows, Linux, ChromeOS: Control+Shift+P Command Menu with
  3. Start typing what's new, select Show what's new, and press Enter. DevTools displays the What's new panel in the Drawer at the bottom of your DevTools window.

Alternatively, you can open the What's new panel in the following ways:

  • In the action bar at the top, click double_arrow More panels and select What's new from the drop-down list.
  • In the top right corner, select more_vert Customize and control DevTools > More tools > What's new.