Changes: Track your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript changes

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

With the Changes tab, track the changes you make to:

The Changes tab shows changes you made within DevTools. If you reload either DevTools or your page, the changes disappear.

To make DevTools persist changes across page loads, follow the steps in Local overrides.

To make DevTools write changes to your local sources, follow the steps in Edit and save files with Workspaces.

Open the Changes tab

To open the Changes tab:

  1. Open DevTools.

  2. Press Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Control+Shift+P (Windows, Linux, ChromeOS) to open the Command Menu.

  3. Start typing changes, select Show Changes, and press Enter.

    Run the Show Changes command

Alternatively, in the upper right corner, click Customize and control DevTools > More tools > Changes.

Changes option focused in More tools dropdown

By default, DevTools displays the Changes tab at the bottom of your DevTools window, in the Drawer.

View and understand your changes

To view your changes:

  1. Open DevTools.
  2. Make changes to your sources:

  3. Open the Changes tab and select a file in the right-hand side of the tab.

  4. Observe a diff output that highlights the following:

Highlighted diff in the Changes tab

The Changes tab pretty-prints the diff output automatically, so you don't have to scroll horizontally to see the changes in a single line.

Copy CSS changes

If you made changes to CSS in Elements > Styles, you can copy all of them with a single button:

  1. Open the Changes tab and, in the right-hand side of the tab, select the CSS file you made changes to.


  2. Click the Copy. Copy button at the bottom of the Changes tab.

Revert all changes made to a file

To revert changes made to a file:

  1. On left-hand side of the Changes tab, select a file with changes to revert.
  2. On the action bar at the bottom, click Undo Revert all changes to current file.

Revert button